The old will change the world!

...so - expect it :-)

The old will change the world!
The old will change the world!

Some thirty years ago, a young family father used his Saturday to go shopping with his wife. The two of them wished to buy appropriate apparel for a celebratory do. A stunning robe and a good suit for him. Both were very happy. He, the young man, had just successfully completed his degree at a university of applied sciences and was about to be honoured the following week in a formal ceremony together with his fellow students in one of Frankfurt’s towers.


When the young man got home he got a phone call from his mother – of course there were no smartphones at the time – who told him that his father had died. Immediately, the young man had to adjust his priorities and decided not to attend the celebratory party he and his wife had been looking forward to...

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And - "Let us be simply happy - all live long"

Yours cincerely - Michael

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